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For those of us who have a love/hate relationship with our sexy shoes!

In 2001, Foot Petals created a revolutionary niche in the footwear industry by developing the first in a collection of fashionable, solution-oriented premium products for women who have a love/hate relationship with their sexy shoes.

Today, Foot Petals offers more than 20 varieties of solution oriented leg and footwear products for women. Foot Petals designer insoles cushions are made from the high performance urethane, Poron, which absorbs shocks; repels moisture, bacteria and odor; and is available in colors that blend with many styles of shoes. In addition to cushioning and comforting your feet, Foot Petals cushions help keep feet properly positioned, prevents calluses and protect bones and tissue.

All Foot Petals cushions have the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance. Our PORON cushions are proudly manufactured in the United States and found at fine retailers globally.fp where to buy


Clean Heals

Clean Heels are the world's first original heel stopper!

They prevent high heels from sinking into soft ground, falling into cracks and protect wooden floors. Clean Heels are designed to fit snugly and the flexible material grips securely without damaging the heel of the shoe.

The flexible tube not only protects the heel from any splashing of dirt in wet weather, but also stabilizes the balance of the wearer when walking on uneven surfaces.

Heel Stoppers have appeared in many films, magazines, TV Shows and even on the Radio!! Such as Radio 2 Chris Evans show, worn by Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Lost Valentine, featured in Day Break ITV, Chick Fix and Hollyoaks and Vogue Magazine, as well as Ascot Ladies Fashion Week and many more...

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  • Invisible barefoot spray for women
  • Easy to spray on feet
  • Protects friction in shoes
  • Gives silky feeling to feet
  • Pleasantly fragranced
  • Dermatologically tested

Bama Silky Comfort

Protects from friction. Stops sweat.

Spray Bama® Silky Comfort directly on to your skin to stop those red friction marks from your strappy shoes and to stop the sweat during those warm spring days.

Silky Comfort is made with natural silk and will help you feel great all day.

Don't feel uncomfortable during that important event or occasion, enjoy yourself!


Bama® Silky Comfort has taken the market in Europe by storm last summer. Review...

Celia (Europe) said: "You're so happy with your new high heels that you want to wear them all day. But oops ... around noon standing the edges of your beautiful heels along your feet. Painful! Oh, wait! There is a solution! Just spray Bama Silky Comfort on your bare feet and bye bye pain!"


Diane (Gold Coast) said: " Have tried it, it really works. Being a heels addict I found it amazing!

Mariana said: What an amazing barefoot spray product! I couldn’t believe the soft, silky feeling and how it stops those red “ouch” blistering marks appearing on my feet! It has saved my feet many times.  My shoe-rack is always stocked, ready to spray! I cannot go without it - it truly works!  I found it works on other parts of your skin? Stops those red, annoying marks from strapless bras! Bonus!!    Thank you Bama, thank you for Silky Comfort. Your fan forever – Mariana  

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